Authentic Movement and Duration Workshop

In this workshop we will come together to deepen our practices through the use of Authentic Movement, durational workshops and discussion groups.

Authentic Movement is an improvisational movement practice that uses the psychological and the symbolic to produce deeply embodied reflections of the unconscious via dance. We will use Authentic Movement workshops to connect deeply to the symbols and images working through our movements. We will connect to perception in an effort to deepen our relationship with our instinctive movement responses. Through using the perceptive and the symbolic this work offers a window into the unconscious that is transformative, and that creates greater depth of expression.

Through the use of durational workshops we will come to understand how our relationship with time informs our practice and dance making. We will investigate the relationship between time and the material and explore the boundaries between structure and flow specifically in relationship to time.

This workshop will culminate in a durational performance in which each participant gets a chance to perform original work created throughout the week. 

This workshop is for dancers and thinkers interested in deepening their practice through the use of Authentic Movement and durational work. No prior movement experience is necessary, although we will be going deeply into these practices quickly, so comfort with this kind of engagement is crucial.

In addition to the daily workshops we will have nightly discussions that will enable us to understand how the work is informing our own practice, as well as to discuss the role of practice based dance making.

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